Cyber Law Part 2

Vijay Kumar Dewan Sir
CYBER LAW (Part 2)

When internert was developed perhaps they had no idea that it can be misued and many disturbing features can occur in cyber space with criminal intent.  Because of the anonymous nature of interest, it has become possible for the people to engage on variety of criminal activities witn impunity and the intelligence of some people is diverted  in perpetuating criminal activities in cyberspace.

Cyber crime can be against the person, against business and non business organizations, targeting government, targeting private sector also.

Following are some of the criminal activites relating to cyber crime

Sale of illegal articles

Online gambling

Hacking and cracking

No computer system is hacking proof

Cyber pornography

Money Laundering

Cyber syalking—following movement of others

Virus/ worm attacks

False adds Claims

Fake accounts in social media

Using profile pictures of others

Any system can be hacked

Unauthorized access to computer system

Software pi…

Blue Whale Game is a kind of cyber crime

Courtesy :-  Honorable Sir Vijay Kumar Dewan


Blue Whale Game is a kind of cyber crime

Welcoming the Government of India's direction to internet majors Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Microsoft and Yahoo to immediately remove links of the dangerous online game Blue Whale Challenge, cyber experts  said that the government need to come up with more innovative strategies to deal with such self harm games.

The recent move of the GOI comes in an appropriate time. It is a right step in the right direction has been good beginning but the Government need to come up with more innovative strategies to deal with these self harm games. The GOI could come up with rules and regulation under Section 79 of Information and ensure there is no propagation of such negative and self harm games ……there is a need of sensitisation of family and awareness programmes by the schools to avoid such incidents…… Instances of children committing suicide while Blu…

What is GST ?

Goods & Services Tax Law in India is acomprehensivemulti-stagedestination-based tax that will be levied on every value addition. In simple words, GST is an indirect tax levied on the supply of goods and services. GST Law has replaced many indirect tax laws that previously existed in India. So, before GST, the pattern of tax levy was as follows: Under the GST regime, tax will be levied at every point of sale. Now let us try to understand “GST is a comprehensive, multi-stagedestination-based tax that will be levied on every value addition.” Multi-stage There are multiple change-of-hands an item goes through along its supply chain : from manufacture to final sale to consumer. Let us consider the following case: Purchase of raw materialsProduction or manufactureWarehousing of finished goodsSale of the product to the retailerSale to the end consumer Goods and Services Tax will be levied on each of these stages, which makes it a multi-stage tax. Value Addition The manufacturer who …


DEFINITION OF TRIGONOMETRY :- trigonometry is the branch of mathematics that is concerned with calculating the angles of triangles or the lengths of their sides.
In this article we are provided the basic of trigonometry. Which are main topic in ssc exams. 4 –5 question are based on this topic in ssc exam and in the mainS of cgl 10 – 14 question are asked. So, it is the important one for preparation.
Basically we first provide basic concept and identities that are used to solving question based on trigonometry.

First of all you have to learn that following table.
in trigonometry there is no trick based question asked but if you learn the basic concept of trigonometry then you are easily solve within few seconds. Candidates find this is very tough topic to prepare for ssc some candidates leaves these chapter question in exam but this chapter is so easily prepare if you practice hard with this chapter by learn table and identities.

so, learn this following these helpful in solving question

कुछ भौगोलिक जानकारिया

हमारी आकाशगंगा की आकृति कैसी है?
स्पायरलकौन सा ग्रह सबसे कम समय में सूर्य का चक्कर लगाता है?
बुधचन्द्रमा पृथ्वी का एक चक्कर कितने दिनों में लगाता है?
लगभग 27.3 दिनप्रकाश की गति से पृथ्वी से चन्द्रमा तक जाने में कितना समय लगेगा?
1.3 सेकंडकृष्ण छिद्र (Black Hole) सिद्धान्त का प्रतिपादन किन्होंने किया था?
एस. चन्द्रशेखर नेपृथ्वी के अलावा किस अन्य ग्रह में, वहाँ का पर्यावरण जीवन के अनुकूल होने के कारण, जीवन की सम्भावना है?
मंगलसौर परिवार का सबसे छोटा ग्रह कौन सा है?
प्लूटोकिन्होंने प्रतिपादित किया कि सूर्य हमारे सौरमण्डल का केन्द्र है और पृथ्वी उसकी परिक्रमा करती है?
कॉपरनिकस नेविज्ञान का किस क्षेत्र के अन्तर्गत ‘व्हाइट ड्वार्फ’ के बारे में अध्ययन किया जा सकता है?
खगोलशास्त्र के अन्तर्गतउल्का (Meteor) क्या है?
बाह्य अन्तरिक्ष से पृथ्वी के वायुमण्डल में प्रविष्ट हुए द्रव्य का अंशकौन से आकाशीय पिण्ड प्रकाशहीन होते हुए भी चमकते हैं?
ग्रहहरा प्रकाश उत्सर्जित करने वाला ग्रह कौन सा है?
वरुणमंगल और वृहस्पति की कक्षाओं के बीच सूर्य के चारों ओर परिक्रमा करने वाले शैल के छोटे टुकड़ों के समूह को क्या…

बैंको के Headquarters के नाम याद रखने की Short Trick

Tricks A. यदि किसी बैंक के नाम में " Bank of India " आता है तो उसका मुख्यालय मुंबई होगा 1. BANK OF INDIA ==> MUMBAI 2. Central BANK OF INDIA ==> MUMBAI 3. Industrial Development BANK OF INDIA ==> MUMBAI 4. State BANK OF INDIA ==> MUMBAI 5. Union BANK OF INDIA ==> MUMBAI 6. Reserve BANK OF INDIA ==> MUMBAI 7. Securities and Exchange BOARD OF INDIA ==> MUMBAI 8. Dena Bank - ==> MUMBAI (देना बैंक को छोड़ कर) B. यदि किसी बैंक के नाम में " UNITED " आता है तो उसका मुख्यालय KOLKATA होगा. 9. UNITED Bank of India 10. UNITED Commercial Bank 11. Allahbad Bank C. यदि किसी बैंक के नाम में " PUNJAB MAHILA " आता है तो उसका मुख्यालय DELHI होगा. 12. PUNJAB National Bank 13. PUNJAB & Sind Bank 14. Bharathiya MAHILA Bank 15. Oriental bank of commerce D. यदि किसी बैंक के नाम में " INDIAN " आता है तो उसका मुख्यालय CHENNAI होगा. 16. INDIAN Overseas Bank 17. INDIAN Bank E. यदि किसी बैंक के नाम में " …


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